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Our freeze dried Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) fruit powder is a fantastic dietary supplement for enhanced performance in combination with jiaogulan specifically in terms of its rejuvenation powers and cleansing functions. Amalaki (Amla) is the most important botanical in the Ayurveda medical tradition which is the oldest medical system still practiced extensively today. Within Ayurveda, Amalaki (Amla) is known as “The Great Rejuvenator.”


Health Benefits

  • Highest concentration of Vitamin C of any plant in nature

  • Cleanses, enriches and re-vitalizes the blood

  • Rebuild and maintain new tissues

  • Stimulate brain function

  • Protect against heart and nervous system disorders

  • Strengthen bone and teeth, capillaries and the eyes

  • Complementary in anti-aging effects

  • Strengthen bone and teeth

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Dispels nausea and vomiting

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